Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Isn't Ironic Don't You Think?

Irony is taking a photo of the Virgin Media advert campaign and criticising it for its blatant materialistic referral to their services as the means of happiness. A sure sign of how consumerism has become the religion of today. Only for the wife to come to the conclusion recently that it would be more financially prudent for us to invest in a total Virgin Media package than the current phone, broadband and television deals we are on.

Am I a hypocrite? Does a stand for my convictions require me to boycott the usage of the product? Whether it does or it doesn’t is tough – the crib has it and I am not going to invoke an executive veto to return to our previous deals. Likewise I still feel the advert campaign is symptomatic of the consumerist society we live in which is a travesty. Make of that what you will and by all means let me know what you make of it.

For His Name’s Sake
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just To Let You Know I'm Still Alive

Where have I been? What do you mean, where have I been? Anything going on in football? No. (Oh alright a couple of decent signings for the Reds, but you know it’s all speculation until the new season starts – oh just a few more weeks now). Have I got access to YouTube or Dailymotion? No. Just moved house, hoping to get the wireless connection in by tomorrow that will change all that and then I can access the stuff again and post it here.

And the house move is the reason why I’ve been absent not only on this blog but on that other blog that you’ve been checking.

Thankfully the move is done now. We’ve been in the new crib for roughly three weeks now and although still getting used to things on first impressions it’s sweet. I’m walking distance from church and work which is great for the travel expenses and we’re less than five minutes walk away from the local Sainsburys superstore. Sure it’s ain’t Tescos, but it’s something.

So although it doesn’t mean I’m all blazing on the writing trail, it does mean that there won’t be too much time before I am back on the blogging trail, catching up with all those things I’ve been meaning to do from book reviews to random YouTube posts.

So until then, and it won’t be too long, thanks for your concern. Remember me in your prayers and meditations, it’s good being alive, I want to make the most of it while I’m still it.

For His Name Sake
da man cd