Thursday, March 08, 2007

Daily Thoughts – Wisdom Rules OK

By me kings reign and rulers make laws that are just; by me princes govern, and all nobles who rule on earth. (Proverbs 8:15, 16)

The ‘me’ here is wisdom. You may not be a king, ruler, prince or noble (yet) but this advert still applies. There are things that have been given to you to ‘rule’ over – emotions, thoughts, words, actions, relationships, money (OK, not much, but enough), talents, skills, abilities, dreams – life itself. The principle that allows leaders to rule well is the same principle that will allow us to rule our affairs well – using the time we’re given to make the most of every situation. For this to happen, wisdom must rule.

(CD Note: Apologies – yesterday’s reference was Proverbs 7:21 and not the stated 6:21)

For His Name’s Sake
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