Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Proper Entry And Still ‘Such A Long Way To Go’: My First Tribute To Michael McDonald

Oki-doke it’s only taken twelve days of the year for me to post my first proper blog entry for the year. Not too bad really. Also you’ve got to consider that this entry makes it more entries in 2008 than 2007, so it’s not all bad is it?

Anyway during my day I look to make some notes as to what’s going on with my day. Maybe a relevant thought as to what’s going on in my life, or just a thought that comes to me randomly. This week has been a really rich week for the thoughts and were I to slap here what I’d written it would be a long entry. So I just want to share a few nuggets with you, especially my new found admiration for the man, the legend – Michael McDonald.

I don’t know if I’ve made a note of it before, but I’m well into Michael McDonald and there was a riff that I was running with Fran about how good it must be to be him at times based on an extension of some of his collaborative work. For example, key point in question, this collaboration with Christopher Cross on the late 70’s/early 80’s hit –
Ride Like The Wind. Now Mike Mac sings six words through the whole ordeal ‘such a long way to go’. He repeats this at various junctures but in essence that’s his contribution to the song.

The video of the live version is actually better than the original especially as viewed in the promo for it back in the day. Anyhow, I was musing on the fact that you’d bring a guy in just to sing six words on a few occasions. There’s our man Cross slaving over the production, songwriting, lead singing, guitar playing of the song and he has to cough up the cash to bring the man Mike Mac all the way to sing six words or it doesn’t sound like the authentic version. Who’s laughing all the way to the bank?

I was thinking how would that translate in other professions? It works to an extent already in football where the deal is 10 players will work their behinds off for the best part of 89 minutes of a match and then in for a cameo pops up the striker to grab all the headlines with the goal that wins a match. Yet let’s see how that could work elsewhere.

You’re having a triple bypass heart surgery and Dr. Anderson is the chief operator who for the best part of the six hour procedure painstakingly ensures all the ventricles, blood vessels and incisions are done just right so as not to cause complications. Then for two minutes up pops Dr. Mike McDonald for a cameo appearance of making an incision over an aorta to nip off again. You’d feel gutted wouldn’t you if after the success of the operation the patient gives Anderson a card and flowers and also slaps a card, flowers and chocolate gifts to McDonald for that crucial incision.

Why stop there, we can go to the checkout at Tescos where customer service assistant Kerry is at the till clocking in all the items in your monthly shopping. As she wades through the seemingly endless conveyor belt of household items, sales manager Mike Mac pops in to buzz through the barcode the grapes informing that although there’s still ‘such a long way to go’ at least there’s a discount on the grapes. Then he nips off to leave Kerry with the cabbages and the rest of the stuff. Poor Kerry, you’re all buzzed up at the savings on the grapes and in awe of the man Mac, only to give passing thanks for the support in the shopping that came to £113.25.

It makes me laugh just thinking of that kind of career where you can cruise on the hard graft of others. I was saying to Fran-tastic on Tuesday whilst enjoying the riff that I’m obviously in the wrong job and I really want to meet this man Michael McDonald, shake his hand and find out what it is that’s allowed him to find that niche in the pop world and how I can carve out a similar one in the field of my interest.

It’s not impossible, I can see it now. Pastor Jones preaching with gusto and theological insight with pertinent modern applications during his 70 minute sermon and at minute 45 I pop in to encourage the believer that although there be ‘such a long way to go’ if they hold on til the end they shall receive their just reward. Then I pop off to leave Pastor Jones for minutes 46 onwards and I can be given equal billing in terms of thanks for the word. Perhaps it could also work in the teaching sense. Don’t even start me on my gospel singing career that could be based on merely coming in for cameo appearances of ten words or less and a ‘featuring’ billing on all appearances as if a major contributing factor to the success of the record. Trust me, I’m after Mike Mac’s number and will find out what I can do to get there!

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