Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Update on the life of Da Man CD

Oh February! Where did January go? What is this with all the YouTube posts this isn’t Among Friends is it? Where is all the original writing from me? Fear not I am committed to doing even more original thoughts and views from the head of da man cd. January was such an odd month, so many good intentions as 2008 began. However, I’m not so much into New Year’s Resolutions as I am into new day’s resolutions. I figure that really looking to be something for the rest of my life or for the rest of the year or whenever is a bit ambitious on my part so I’d better deal with something a bit more manageable, like a day.

Having said that, there are some decisions I’ve made that will have an impact on this blog. For example, you may have noted that I’ve used this blog to post some of my Daily Thoughts. For more information about what that’s all about you can
click here. It’s a blessing to be able to put these thoughts together and publish them. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that this blog is really the place for extended thought that’s as original and personal as possible even if it’s just links to other materials. As a result I’ll only post links perhaps to the odd special DT entry from time to time. Daily Thoughts is primarily an outlet of my work for the YMCA, so it makes sense that you can read it on the YMCA web-site. DT, though, is also circulated by e-mail, in fact that’s how it started off, so if you’d like to receive the thoughts by e-mail send me an e-mail (wow, that word three times in a sentence, really slack n it?) and I’ll happily add you to the list.

As a personal blog it’s perhaps helpful to know a bit about me from time to time. This be one of those times, so appreciate it! I’m enjoying and enduring the challenges of me job at YMCA (I would tell you what I do, but why do that when you can
find out here?) The reality of a wise saying keeps me going, that being ‘the job will kill you, the calling will fulfil you’. As yet despite the pressure at times I’m not dead and actually there have been a number of things that’s happened that’s really been fulfilling in more ways than one. It is not all a bed of roses, but there are enough bright moments that makes the job worthwhile.

Church is interesting at the moment. I would say we’re in a transition stage, but then I get the impression we’re always in a transition stage. This particular stage is somewhat conflicting. In the sense that there is a clear direction of where we’re going and how we’re growing and in principle overall I’m fine with that. Then we get to some of the detail and nuances and that’s where in some cases I’m somewhat reserved. That’s all down to me personality though, so I acknowledge the issue with that and we’ll just have to see how God allows me to navigate those areas. The fellowship is growing even in terms of visitors, activities and the such like. We’re busier than ever and the pace is about to pick up so by all means check here for more details, or check the
Facebook group.

I teach my daughters to pray and as a result Deborah is more than apt at praying for anything and everything. Apparently at one point she prayed not only for the fart, but for the pardon me as well, which is a clear sign of God’s goodness to me. Today it’s the fart, tomorrow it’s praying for people suffering across the world. So as the teaching bit is straightforward I think its worthwhile giving God thanks.

“Dear Lord, thank you for food. Thank you that I am a vegan. Thank you for Linda McCartney. Thank you for her contribution to the non-meat eating community. Thank you that her husband wasn’t the only blessing to the world. Thank you for her country pies. Thank you that they taste awesome. Dear Lord. Help me to be more grateful for the great food that you give me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen”

Take care of yourself, get to know Christ more and I’ll write back soon.

For His Name’s Sake
da man cd

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