Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quick Word About Don

Not going to be a long entry this (honest). My links section has been updated with a certain gentleman by the name Don Gregory. I heartily recommend reading the brother’s blog, he is a great journeyman writer, by which I mean he is unlike lofty academic theologians, thinkers, preachers and teachers whose thoughts are dense, complex and thick with unattainable concepts (yeah, but I understand what I’m saying before you point to me).

Don has the tremendous gift to be able to communicate in such a way that can take the casual reader in and then, like some of the best communicators, grip you into something a bit deeper than you thought you were getting into. Not that Don is doing it as a cunning plan of great intelligence, just because in being real and open, Don strikes the chord that in the things of life there is great depth in that which may come across as trivial. I love reading his blog, it covers most emotions and issues, it’s real and easy to relate to and I strongly commend it to your reading.

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