Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Looking Forward

In 1998 I was encouraged to sit down and write where I saw myself at the age of 35. That exercise in itself was revealing in terms of what I thought of myself and what my dreams and ambitions were at the time. I often look back at those goals and check how far I am from realising them. Some aspects of them have been realised well in advance, others are well overdue. It’s still fascinating

This year, I’m not looking to do a list of resolutions, but there are things that I’m looking for and here they are in no particular order.

Deny Myself And Follow Him: Being a true disciple of Christ requires the dedication to Him at every cost, and also requires complete self-sacrifice daily. I’m convinced that this is a major area in which to improve if I am to fully realise the vision God has for me. I aim to be so sold out for the LORD that I’ll be able to take the necessary tough decisions in life and be sensitive to God’s call in my life.

Be A Better Man: And by this ambiguous statement I mean I want to be more devoted to the important things of real manhood – purpose, responsibility, compassion, servant leadership, humility, productivity and of course improving on my already keen sense of humour. I reckon if I can improve in these areas this year, it will be benefit my marriage, my fatherhood, my commitment to the local expression of the Body of Christ, my friendships and obviously my support of Liverpool Football Club.

Develop A Web-site: I believe I can write. You know what I mean? Not just put words together, but place them in such an order that brings a certain amount of thought provoking responses to it. I’m also of the opinion that I’m not shabby on the creative communication front. Marrying those skills together and realising the range of opportunities open through the internet and the independence of having your web-site, I want to develop one. This blog is a good place to record my progress, and hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be sufficiently advanced in my understanding of web design and development to have a clearer idea of the fullness of this project.

I like the idea of leaving it to three things. I don’t want to go over the top and make a huge unwieldy list. I’m also sure there are measurable ways of seeing if I’m making progress in these areas, so I shall hold myself accountable to my mentors and crucial people in my life.

Football Update – Liverpool vs. Arsenal

I enjoy a broad appreciation for football. I’m not a fanatic as some are, I don’t go to any games, although we’re planning to go on one before the end of this calendar year. I’m bored by some teams, and I’m not a rabid England fan. However, I do enjoy good, effective, trophy winning football. As a Liverpool fan, however, I’m also keen to watch my team make progress. We’ve had a rocky run of late with Saturday’s win at Wigan being our first in five matches. I’m not overly concerned. We’re 6 points behind Manchester United with a game in hand – and that game’s tonight. If we win, we’re three points behind and in with a better chance of overhauling the Red Devils (how appropriate). It’s a good time to be playing Arsenal, because their defence is notoriously weak, and if we use the steel in midfield that we’ve developed this season as well as our fantastic home record, I’m confident the Gunners will be going back to North London with the same number of points as they came up with. But how about that Robbie Fowler return? Spooky or what? I’ve just read the autobiography of the man and there he is returning to the Reds! I take that as a gift from the Most High and hope that now I’ll benefit from the gift by watching Robbie score heaps of goals and Arsenal are his favourite team for scoring against as well, so I’m believing for a great night.

Right, that will be your lot for now. Two entries in the same day (kinda), I know you’re wondering what you’ve done to deserve it, but put it down to me going with a flow!

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