Monday, February 27, 2006

What Do You Mean Where Am I?

Yeah, I know - two weeks. that's far too long and something should be done about it. But if you've noticed anything, you'll notice the trend to be quiet for a while then have a burst of activity before going silent again. It's how I handle my life at the moment, what with all the ups and downs I've been through lately. Well, when I say ups and downs, I really mean ups and ups.

Put it this way, God's been good to me and the family and things are looking brighter every day, even if Deborah is doing her endeavour best to ruin her mother's mobile phone charger! (Get off Debbie! Take it OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!) She's walking more confidently these days now as well, which is really pleasing ... and something to look out for!

Ohhhhhh brother (and sister) so much to say, so little time. Things to update you on will include my job situation (I've got one now!), my books situation (I've read a fair few actually), my church situation (how's about a couple of powerpoint presentations then?) and other stuff in my life.

Can't type now though, it's time for Deborah to eat properly, there are insufficient nutrients in a plug cable so I'll have to try real food. So I will return sooner rather than ...

da man cd

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