Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Combacks Than Frank Sinatra

Wow. Whoa. What can I say? Sorry? No? That's not acceptable? Well, it's all I've got.

It's not to say that stuff hasn't been happening - on the contrary, tons of stuff has been happening. It is a case though that the time to note down the stuff for the benefit of this blog has been like the Loch Ness Monster somewhat non-existent.

Still, I'm here for this moment and I intend to make the most of it for this season. OK lets see now, bullet-points, bullet-points ...
  • Working at Manchester Metropolitan University in the Institute of Education. To be fair, the job pays money ... errr ... the people are alright ... ermmmm ... the two people in the same office I work in are brilliant - Sarah and Charlie are their names (Charlie obviously being short for Charlotte!) ... errr they're fairly flexible ... ermmmm ... aaaahhhhh ... other than that ... at least it's paying the rent and other stuff so I'm grateful for that
  • Men's Ministry is going great guns - some top blokes that I enjoy rapping with, so that's all gravy.
  • The phrase 'all gravy' has re-entered my vocabulary after a sustained absence. Can't imagine why either as gravy no longer constitutes a significant part of my diet unless I'm eating fried dumplings in which case it's mandatory. For those who are unfamiliar with the phrase it is to suggest something is beneficial, positive, constructive and in most ways pleasing to experience.
  • Started circuit training on a weekly basis - this week will be the fourth session. It's definitely necessary as I'd like to be physically fit ... no, really I would. I know I don't look like a bloated whale, but I know I could be a hell of a lot fitter.
  • As well as starting circuit training, today I actually did some exercises at home! Voluntarily! Of my own volition! Without complaint! Surely that's as strong as any argument you could make for the existence of an all-loving, life-changing God! Especially noting my previous attitude to such things ... (i.e. no chance in hell)
  • Bible study at home is more frequent now - that's a great thing. It's also as a result of me reading my bible even more these days and dwelling on what I read. On the whole this has been such a positive experience that I genuinely believe God is allowing me to be a better man for the process.

So that's a start in updating you with what's what. The wife continues to bloom as she heads for her eighth month of pregnancy. She's doing well under the circumstances. Deborah is stretching her vocal muscles and accomplishes a ear-bashing banshee scream without much effort. As well as that she's also making sounds insinuating a conversational chatty style most reminiscent of her mother. Prayer has already been offered to deliver her from that fate, but I'm not sure if I'm too late. Kevaughn is growing up and there's a lot to deal with that, but he still remains a pleasant enough boy and he took part in his first school play in England. We watched him and it's fair to say he was animated. (Note: remind me to write something about euphemisms and diplomacy.)

That's your lot for this season - I have lunch to do ... I mean work ... nope I mean lunch. I hope to be back sooner rather than ...


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