Monday, April 03, 2006

Freely I Have Received - Freely I Give

Just a quick one today - hopefully more newspaper reports soon.

I just can't get over what the Internet offers in terms of FREE resources for believers. It's brilliant. And I'm sure I'm just touching the surface of what's available.

Anyhow today's revelation was the ability to get the entire Bible in either the Word English Bible version or the King James Version absolutely free. If you don't know, now you know. I like the price and I love the fact that now all I need is an MP3 player and I'm able to enjoy the Word on the street, in the bath, on the throne, on the bus, etc. I have the facility to enjoy it at home, although I'm looking forward also to getting a sound system in our bedroom that can play MP3 files which would also be a boon. But what a delight! What a pleasure! What a blessing!

Oh yeah, the web-site address for this deal of all deals is -

Now I'm sure you may have come across other similarly free sites where you can get your stuff to do with building us up in the Holy Faith, and if so be a treasure and let us know asap. It's all about spreading the good news and anything that enables us to do that to as wide an audience as possible is, as we say in the trade, a good thing!

Right, that's me time up. News still to come about some intriguing personal developments ... but that will come later. Also, my tagline is changing. Rather than the l8r business which has been a faithful tagline since I've been online (some 10 years this year!). Recently after some bible study and further thought I've come up with the following -

4 His Name's Sake
da man cd

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