Sunday, May 11, 2008

Easy Blogging vs. Disciplined Blogging

Usually I type out the blog entry as a word document, then paste it on, but on this occasion I'm striking while the iron's hot, i.e. while I'm on here and have something to blog that won't take too long.

Following the last entry in which I stated it would be easy to just put on the Daily Thoughts and have that as my blog without any hassles I reflect further on the fact that I could make things so much easier for myself. I mean I YouTube virtually every time I'm online (unless at work of course, not because it's banned but because the connection down my end leaves a bit to be desired on that front, so I might as well wait to get better connections). So as has been prevalent I could just get a good clip, attach onto the site and have those as my blog entries. Yet I cannot do that either. Not to say I won't put on good clips as and when they come, but again the issue for me is ease and the nature of this blog.

To be fair the Among Friends blog doesn't really cater for faith based and spiritual content so it would be legitimate to use this one. My only hesitation is doing so is because I see this blog as a forum to develop and nurture the discipline that will help me in my writing. I love writing almost as much as I love reading and so because of that I want to keep the entries going far more frequently than they are, yet it has to be as original a piece of material as possible.

So it's not to say that I won't post anymore YouTube clips on here, but it is to say that I'll just discover that discipline required to post quality material from my heart on a more consistent and regular basis.

Anyway the issue of the time is John 21:22. I'd strongly encourage you to read it, especially in the context of John's narrative on the gospel, there's some precious stuff right in this verse that I'm excited to share with you ... at another point.

In any case I'm still on course to get the series on fasting posted in the near future, then from there ... who's to say what might happen?

For His Name's Sake
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