Thursday, July 31, 2008

Waddaya Mean It's The End Of July Already?

I was walking along to withdraw some money to get some gas and electricity for our crib – we’re on a card system you see so we have to pay as you go. As I was walking along it occurred to me that with it already being the end of July then there’s only 152 days left in the year and I haven’t done as much blogging as I’d have hoped to have done.

I guess it’s easier if I’m just putting on web-site links or YouTube posts that I come across but to actually commit to ongoing original thoughts and slap them on the blog itself is a discipline that is not as easy as I first thought. So I admire all those who blog compulsively whether several times a week or in some outstanding cases once every day.

Not to feel down at the realisation, I’m still determined to make the most of the 152 days that remain. That’s not to say I’ll commit to blog posts every day, but it is becoming easier to slap down some notes on a daily basis even over the weekend. Perhaps the next step is just to transfer some of that material onto blog and hopefully with net access being sorted at home I can make it a regular discipline.

Today is the last day of my leave and the two weeks overall has been better than other periods of leave. I’ve had the chance to reassess some things in me life and although I haven’t been able to complete all that I’d like to do, it has been very useful and relaxing in some areas, so I’m grateful to God for that. I have no intention of returning to work with all guns a-blazing, indeed with August being the funny month that it is, I can afford to use it to build up to some major stuff starting in September. What I really want to persist with more than anything is continuing conversations and creating opportunities for those conversations to take place in group and individual settings. The podcast may have to wait for a while, but it is something I can be working on getting the infrastructure better to ensure it’s an ongoing thing rather than a one off.

The time for reflection and reviewing who I am and where I’m at has been really useful and in terms of impact on future behaviour I really want to kick on and achieve some tangible targets – more blog entries, more teaching noted, more daily devotions noted, more time spent doing the things I do best and avoid wasting my time over non-essentials.

I am working on getting the Dark Knight blog entry done before the end of the week (yeah, I know that’s tomorrow, or the day after if you want to be strict about it). Beyond that one thing I really want to give God big thanks for is Google Reader. What a concept! It’s been ever so helpful to me recently in being able to see what’s going on in my key areas of interest in one central location without having to search or go on Favourites all the time and to have a record of it all available whenever I log in and have it updated regularly is just bliss!

Also something to give God thanks for is the grateful return of football. I watched Man City in a UEFA Cup qualifier this evening and it was so good to have it on, even if Man City were wasteful and should have won a lot more comfortably than 2-0. Life just isn’t the same during the time when the footie is off. I’m none too optimistic about Liverpool’s chances, but more on that nearer the time. Well that’s your lot for now. More to come in the very near future,

in the meantime, be not discouraged at a grey and cloudy day, or when the rain pours and ruins everything – it’s just another opportunity to rejoice in another chance to breathe. I heard some reports today about people who have been paralysed from the neck down just because of stress, so that always put things into perspective about having the eyes to see just what God has done for us and how grey and cloudy days or rainy days are still as full of promise and richness as a sunny day as long as God grants us the sense to enjoy it.

For His Name's Sake
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