Friday, August 01, 2008

And So In Closing

I first got into emails in 1996 and when I ended them I thought it was a bit boring just ending correspondences with ‘yours sincerely’ and even ending it with Christopher Dryden. So I got into a whole pseudonym business and ended it with ‘later, ned’ then I got out of that phase and currently as you may notice I end my posts on this blog and on most of my personal emails with For His Name’s Sake, Shalom, da man cd, which at least removes any sense of ambiguity. So I had a good chuckle reading this post about the ways we end our emails as super-spiritual Christians! Good ol’ Prodigal Jon – even if you’re not a Christian it’s worth having a chuckle at some of his insights on what we Christians get up to and what kinda traditions we’ve built around this following Jesus business.

For His Name's Sake
da man cd

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