Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stevie Helps Me Love My Enemies

Your patience on the Dark Knight review is exemplary and so to help you exercise this patience further I ask that you hold out a little longer. The reason for the delay is … well you’ll see when I eventually come out with it, it’s worthwhile.

Anyway I’m here at the laptop and it’s past the midnight hour and I had Stevie Wonder in my head since I got back home from a study session we have on Wednesday nights on spiritual warfare. I was singing
Send One Your Love and then segueing that into From The Bottom Of My Heart (trust me, if you arrange it right you can segue the two almost seamlessly). So no sooner had I got on the ol’ laptop having made the wife a cuppa and did some petty little domestic stuff in the kitchen.

I, of course, get me blog out of the way, that is the
brand new blog entry on the Stoke COG blog, and then after during all that I get me Stevie Wonder playing a wide variety of tracks like I Go Sailing (brilliant track – check the lyrics for some powerful stuff about where to get a real thrill for me), Feeding Off The Love Of The Land (this has got to me one of the greatest conscientious songs that mankind has ever penned) and With Each Beat Of My Heart (grossly underrated love song that outweighs most stuff that’s been put out by anyone … ever). Just the tip of the iceberg really of the great stuff I’ve been listening to.

Anyhow I was listening to this live version of
For Once Of My Life that he does with Diana Ross. As I watched it something that came to me was that I’d like to know how to love like Stevie Wonder. I don’t mean that in a fawning way as though the sun shines out of his posterior, but there’s something really big-hearted about a brother who can extend love and graciousness to a number of people who wouldn’t necessarily be the top of my list of people I’d like to do business with. That must really be love for the enemies in action right there. Embracing, encouraging and edifying someone whose character you’re not too keen on has to be something spiritually gifted from above.

This is not all that unusual when I consider that Jesus expressed this same love to enemies of God, i.e. us in extending sacrificial love, befriending me and highlighting the grace of God in the cross, so it shouldn’t be a problem for me to reflect that in a love that’s as much for the enemy as is it for a loved one.

Now all I need is a lot of help in living that out!! Still I can do all things through Christ.

For His Name's Sake
da man cd

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jeleasure said...

da man CD.
Hey man (dmc)!
I posted an article like that on my blog. I was impressed with the apostle Paul and how he could love like what you see in Stevie.
Stevie is pretty awsome. "Just Once In My Life" is snappy and timeless, it seems.
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