Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Errr ... About That Hiatus

It’s been a while and there’s good reason for that too – the dreaded technological difficulties. I even have to use the wife’s one to put this together and anyone who knows about the wife’s cute little machine knows that it has to take something for this to be the case.

I hope to have my equipment working real soon.

As ever there’s been a lot going on with me and there are a number of big changes to announce ... in the near future.

I watched Law Abiding Citizen this evening and it got me thinking about the problem with morality. What’s the problem, you may ask. Well the problem as I see it starts in the Garden where it all goes horribly wrong because that enticing tree with fruit good enough to eat was about knowing good and evil. Sounds awfully familiar to me. Since then, without God we’ve got an idea about what’s good and what’s evil because we’ve been doing a lot for both ever since. What’s happened as well is that we have constructs that have endeavoured to enforce good against evil. Constructs we’re respecting, but because its run by people – seriously flawed and open to corruption – then it is no surprise that even these constructs – and that won’t be the last time you read that word in a blog by me – are subject to the same flaws.

Where does that lead us? We can blindly trust the system, or we can cynically denounce it being surprised when it gets it right, or resign ourselves to this being life. Or ... there is another way and that way is ... going to be explored in some future posts.

In the meantime I was really convicted again about the importance of being compelled by the compassion of Christ. Not about right or wrong, or what the compassion of Christ compels you to do. Some may read compel and see it as a negative, but we’re all moved by forces external and internal and when a force like the love of God is moving us to do things that reflect His character, then that cannot be a bad thing.

Ho hum, here’s praying that things will work out for my tech equipment. In the meantime, don’t forget God loves you which in itself is an amazing thing when you consider how good and evil we can be.

For His Name’s Sake
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