Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Like Starting Over

Our life together, is so precious together, we have grown.

So starts one of the last big hits of John Lennon. I used to be big into the Beatles. Not so much collecting all their records - I had mates who would give me tapes and I would ensure they would get the tapes back having kept a copy. I was into their material especially the stuff from Help onwards. I was also eager on following their solo careers, especially John and Paul's. So it is of supreme benefit that the lyrics and indeed song title to one of John's hits is so appropriate for a blog post.

So I'm here settling in Little Hulton. There was some messing about, but more or less this is it. I'm here and all being well here to stay. In so many ways, however, it's just like starting over. For example, as you would have surely read I've had some IT grief of late and yesterday whilst in Bolton, which is the nearest significant town to me (no offence, Walkden, but ...), I got confirmation that me laptop is as good as dead. (Cue sombre music) It was a faithful laptop for the year that it lasted and amassed a great deal of information that enlightened me and brought great joy to me life. It will be sadly missed as I look onto the next model.

Losing the laptop, though, puts me in a limbo until the new one pops along, but that loss along with other developments was indicative of how the time here in Little Hulton is effectively the end of an era, the closing of a chapter and the start of something else. So with the search for a new laptop (nah I won't go for the Apple MacBook yet, gotta wait til the funds are amenable), it is significant of the new start. New start for church as we search for that; new start for job as I search for that; new start for family as we search for that; new start for what God has in store for this brand new chapter in the life of dmcd.

I really have no idea how things will work out, but I'm excited about all that awaits me. For the time being I'll be laying low as much as I can and with me blogging from the cute little library in Little Hulton, and them shutting for Crimbo after tomorrow I wouldn't expect heaps of blogging til 2010, but I hope to somehow cobble something together to review the year that's been. Here's hoping I may even be in possession of new electronic quill and pen before then in which to record such a review!

In the meantime back to reflecting and considering what next - it's literally like the old is passing away and the new is coming.

It is just like starting over.

For His Name's Sake

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