Monday, January 30, 2006

The Gift and the Giver

I continue to be amazed at how God works in my life. I mess around, keep it on the hush, get exposed, get forgiven, start afresh, get going well, trip up, mess around, keep it … (you’d have thought I’d have taken the hint after the first 4.8 million times, but like a lab-rat, I just keep going for that there cheese.)

Anyhow, the real amazing thing is that God showers grace in my life continually as a reminder that He is the Sustainer as well as the Creator and therefore if I am to make progress, I must allow Him to Sustain.

Today was a funny day. Started it with a plan. Prayed to God to help with the plan. Prayed the plan with the wife. Agreed the plan with the wife. Looked forward to another day where great things could happen with God. Only to have the plan kinda backfire after what can diplomatically be stated as a misunderstanding. Moped, got quiet, focussed on other stuff, got sufficiently distracted to get distance to the initial moped state and then got into conversation of a Godly variety, reminding me of the call of God on my life, the kind of man He’s looking for, etc. etc. Once more, despite my mess, God showed me Him and His deal – amazing.

As if that wasn’t enough, I just go on the web looking for nothing in particular. Get inspired to check Kirk Franklin’s blog, which then leads to checking Tonex’s blog, which gets me excited with listening to his music etc. ONLY to find out that the brother is going on hiatus. I refer you to a previous entry where I waxed lyrical about my innate sense of timing! I was intrigued as to the reasons why the brother was going on hiatus, then I looked on some other stuff that Kirk had written and then some loose jigsaw pieces began to make sense.

It must be something to be a prodigy. It must be something to be a gifted person with an ability to do things beyond the capabilities of most people to an extent that dazzles, amazes and blesses many people. As a result of the gift, a lot of times we can get hung up on the gift and completely miss out on the giver and the vessel through whom we receive the gift. We’re studying about Jesus, as I may have mentioned, and it just comes through time after time that the people who witnessed the miraculous signs often missed the point completely. And as a result of missing the point and because of the threat that he caused to the status quo and the settled minds among the ruling classes, the man who would be the Messiah aroused anger, bitterness and eventually enough of a dislike to get himself killed. All because people missed the Giver in the gift. Of course what makes it all the more galling is the fact that Jesus was not just the one sharing the gift – He was the Gift … and the Giver!!

So it comes as no surprise over 2000 years later, when people gifted by God endeavour to share their creativity and bless the world that others completely miss the point. Not only do they take the messenger for granted, but then they start getting all pharisaic on people and suggesting that certain standards are not upheld. Before you know it, words are said, people are offended, division is caused in the Body of Christ and who is the winner? Now of course, righteousness calls for standards. Of course people are not to take the liberty of the Spirit for license to do whatever. Yet it’s evident that as growing believers it still remains difficult to get what God means by love and grace. I can empathise with Paul to an extent, talking to the Corinthians in his first recorded letter and saying in essence – y’all on your hobby horse getting all up-in-here with me, you evidently don’t remember who I am or who the One is who sent me. Yet y’all (to extend this grotesque CD summary) appear to have forgotten that these same people that you give grief to – fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate, etc. are going to the Kingdom – and you guys used to be in that list!

As I know I was in the list, it stops me from being holier-than-thou, condemning others – especially those in the Body of Christ. I don’t have to understand everything that goes on and it’s evident that not everything that takes place is of God, but I love the Gamaliel Principle – if it’s of God it will prosper, if it’s not – it won’t, and for whatever is the flavour of the day in the world, as far as God is concerned it’s His fruit that will last. So whether it’s a gospel artist I don’t get, a ministry that turns me off, or something else, I’m better off leaving it in the hands of God. In the meantime, as I realise all the more, I have a responsibility to walk right with God – follow Christ at all costs and do what’s pleasing in His sight. Make the most of the gifts He’s given me, grow in the grace He’s given me and seek to be more like the Saviour He’s give me. It sounds fair enough to me.

Now I know I said I’d do the friends list – and I will honest! Your patience will be rewarded by fruit in its due season. I also know that I’ve been a bit quiet of late – but these will be explained in future blogs. Just to say that Deborah is alright … now. The wife is also alright as is the son.

I’ll be back real soon – don’t go away now!

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