Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So what have I been up to since the last time. Well on Thursday, the wife and I watched Citizen Kane for the FIRST TIME EVER. Now my wife ain’t so much of a connoisseur of movies, so that’s not such a big deal, but I am – so it was. Anyhow, we watched it together, she was sufficiently involved in it to comment on it, which is always good. I was fascinated with the themes that were evident in the film and I can understand why it’s so highly rated. Orson Welles was good in it and the script was well done. Although not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, it was a good one and I enjoyed watching it.

I teach the Sabbath School at the fellowship I attend. We teach in 13-week segments on a given theme from lessons sent over from America and we’ve recently started our new one which is looking at Jesus from John’s Gospel. I love that process at the moment, in terms of discovering more about the Saviour and His impact on my life. It’s also interesting that this lesson should come around at the same that I am convicted of the scripture that says that I am to deny myself, take up my cross

To confirm a resumption of normal family service, the wife went back to work last night. She works part-time in the evenings, so I have to be creative in utilising that time whilst looking after Deborah. I’m still finding it a challenge, as the little baby makes some demands on my attention, so I’ve wound up normally using the time to continue my pursuits on Football Manager 2005.

It’s a brilliant game – football management style from the creators of the Championship Manager series, click here for more information particularly on the new game cunningly titled Football Manager 2006. I would bore you with the details, but I won’t. In summary, however, the name of my manager is John Bury (one of my middle names and the surname of my best friend at university). The game monitors the time spent on it and I’ve apparently accumulated over 4 days playing on it. Thankfully that’s four days accumulated over the space of 5 or 6 months, so it ain’t that bad. In that time I’ve completed 8 seasons in charge of Newcastle United – which I believe if it were real would be the longest stint of a manager of that club for a LONG time – longer than even that of St. Kevin Keegan.

To show for it, I’ve won two trophies for the club and finished in the top five, roughly six times, thus qualifying for Europe that many times. However with the quality of the team that I had developed, fans and board expectations were high and in the eighth season I was expected to win or at least seriously challenge for the Premiership. I did not do so, and finished a disappointing 5th not even qualifying for the Champions League. So despite bringing European glory by winning the Euro Cup (don’t think FM2005 has clearance to say UEFA Cup, but it’s the same thing) within a few weeks after everyone was elated with that triumph I was given the sack. Which wasn’t that pleasant, but understandable. Ironically my successor is St. Kevin Keegan.

Still, after a few days on the dole, Ipswich Town of the Championship asked for my services with the promise of £4 million to spend on improving their team. Yeah it’s not a lot of money after the glory days of Newcastle, but it’s a job, so I took it. I’m now eagerly a awaiting the new season having made a fair few signings with the intention of getting the club promotion this season.

I know that was a long summary, but trust me when you compare it to the copious notes I use to write last year on the game, you’ll know full well that you’ve just read a SHORT summary. That just about does it for my life at this time. As I wrote, I’m all excited about getting to know Christ through John and generally grow more in the knowledge of Him this year. Fear not, I have not forgotten about the exciting feature to come and the title of Friend of the Year for 2005 will be coming soon, as well as what I hope to achieve in 2006 – that will follow soon. In the meantime, that be it from me for now. Oh and remember me looking after Deborah as you enjoy your weekday evenings.

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