Monday, November 20, 2006

The Christian and The State

As I understand the Great Commission on which the church is authorised, we’re called to go and make disciples teaching them to observe all things and we have the guaranteed presence of Jesus Christ Himself with us. That’s a commission for good news spreading and encouraging others to be a part of this. Nowhere in this and throughout the rest of the Word do I note any instructions for the establishment of a Christian state – the church is the only body that will be run on theocratic principles because it is the very bride of Christ through which His rule is revealed.

With those certainties established we’re left to ask how are we to conduct ourselves in a society that rejects the sovereignty of the Almighty and looks to accommodate all other faiths into mainstream community life. What should be the overriding aim of engagement in society? Are we to embrace multi-faith partnerships in a bid to create a ‘better’ society? Are we to seek a greater level influence on government policy and political developments on a whole? Within all this are we motivated by a Christ-honouring agenda – is it really Christ that commands us to go in these areas?

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