Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On The Buses

The bus came late this morning and so whilst getting on one of the customers complained to the driver of how outrageous it was for the bus to come at that time. I reflected on this and thought which is more important the lateness of the bus or the fact that the bus arrived?

I went on to question how we’d respond to something similar happening if we had an urgent appointment and our only mode of transport was public and we made it on time to wait for the transport having given ample time to make the appointment only for the transport to turn up very late how would we respond? Would we be angry at the lateness or grateful that it arrived?

The anger, I believe, would blind us to many of the opportunities to help others – it’s amazing how people in a mood really look like they’ve got thunder-clouds over their heads and shouldn’t be approached because there’s a storm a brewing. Sure it’s hugely inconvenient and may have really bad consequences, but put things into perspective. Why was the bus late – how do you know there wasn’t something going on that delayed the traffic? How do you know that there wasn’t something going on with the driver in his/her personal life? Even if there’s nothing there, what good is being angry? Does it really lead to doing the right thing? Does it really make things any better? You may get things off your chest, but it doesn’t do anyone else any good.

The challenge as ever in the area of patience is to focus on God and His mercy on us to even provide transport for us. To even bless us with a driver to take us to the destination is something for which we should still be grateful.

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