Friday, December 01, 2006

Opportunities for Grace

I was at the police station on Wednesday (about time some would suggest), I was there to wait on a friend who was being charged. The officer responsible for the friend said that the process would take an hour … roughly. Anyway, while I was waiting sometime passed the 2 hour mark someone came out looked at me and said ‘Are you still here?’ Now after waiting for so long I was in the mood to respond sarcastically, ‘No, this is a hologram version of myself occupying this seat whilst really I’m at home laughing at sad-ken-steins like you asking stupid questions.’ Yet the grace of God compelled me to meekly nod my head with a wry grin. When the person returned with me still waiting they asked the same question, thankfully again I didn’t react from the gut but from the heart.

Later on I reflected at how these testing issues are actually opportunities for grace. How often are we tempted to respond angrily or sarcastically at situations that are not working our way? Then lets consider how often we don’t do things God’s way and His response is to just shower us with more opportunities to do right. Where you and I would be judgemental, condemnatory and dismissive, our heavenly Father is encouraging, supporting and caring. So it is that there is the need to know the grace of God for our lives more and thus look to replicate it in our lives so that no matter what happens, rather than responding rashly, over-critically and harmfully we can see these times as opportunities for grace.

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Charlie/Charles Bury said...

I take your more serious point, but enjoy the idea of you responding sarcastically! Funny!

Take care,

Chris Dryden Fan said...

Check this out, Lloyd x