Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Songs I Like – Send One Your Love

I’ve never been an incurable romantic, I was brought up to find those things kind of soppy and mushy and yucky and that kind of business – brought up properly!

Yet as I got into the music of Stevie Wonder and as I engaged in the thing of … feelings (wow, I have those?) I gave some room to allow some fanciful flights of fantasy into a world where perhaps the love shared between a man and a woman went beyond making me dinner and letting me snore in bed. (Told you I wasn’t an incurable romantic)

Now Mr. Wonder has written many love songs, a lot of which deal with the negative side of relationships – splits, heartaches, affairs that kind of thing. He’s real with most of his music which makes it all kosher with me. It’s not all bad though and with this particular track he pens a beautiful tune just applauding the concept of a man and a woman being in that romantic kind of love. The one that allows people to just be free to express in a considerate and open fashion how much they cherish the loved one.

Lyrically it’s not profound, but it is enriching and engaging in its simplicity. It’s vocally and musically that this particular song soars into the stratosphere with the right environment made by the aaahh-ing backing vocals and the tender use of all the other instruments to create something just right for those candle-lit occasions. (Not that I’d ever know about those, the last time I thought of lighting a candle I nearly brought the house down … nope hold on, I nearly brought the house down with my amazing humour, that’s it!)

Don’t get me wrong, obviously in relationships there’s a whole heap more to love than sending a dozen roses with a flower from your heart. At the end of the day, though, we’re not expecting a song to give a comprehensive breakdown on the complexities of relationships, especially in under 4 minutes. This song is beautiful in rendering the qualities of an aspect of love that reminds particularly those who can sneer at this kind of thing (i.e. me) that there is a time to really tell her and show her you love her in that soppy, mushy, yucky kind of way.

It’s well worth listening to it – and you can do so as you check the video out with this link. You can find it on the Original Musiquarium album or the Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants album - either way, enjoy!

4 His Name’s Sake
da man cd

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Idris said...

Happy New Year Chris! I enjoyed listening to the Stevie Wonder song. I didn't listen to the lyrics at all though.

Lloyd x