Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's Update

So when I’m not being a spiritual development worker, how am I? Well if anything I’m very busy. Busy in my head, busy at work, busy at church and busy at home. I guess that’s how I’d love it to be, but being busy has to have its precautions. So it got to a point where I was feeling really exhausted and not having enough time to commit to the quality things in life. That’s why I’m looking forward to some time off to reappraise what my commitments are and where I should channel my energies in the time to come. I’m going to meetings as part of my job that get me excited about stuff that I could do and stuff that church could be doing and how God is definitely working through some awesome stuff. I just want to stay alive and well to witness them and play the part – and only the part – that He’s assigned for me.

The daughters are doing well, Deborah is progressing so very well she’s got mannerisms and attitudes that make me pray all the more. Abigail is making noises suggesting she’s got something to say that makes me even more – just consider friends, Abigail, Deborah and Authrine – women on a mission with a lot to say and muggins in the middle of all that. You can see why I pray. Things are safe with the wife at the time of writing. I’m reading a lot more as well, which is great! I’ve paid off the library fine (oh you didn’t know?) and so I’ve got a license to borrow again and have used it to trundle through a fair number of books, the reviews of which I hope to be slapping up on the blog in the weeks to come.

As well as this blog I’ve also helped set up another one called Among Friends which is meant to be a place for friends to post views, thoughts and opinions on issues of life and so there may well be a couple of reviews on that site as well, so click it, check it and then contribute or e-mail me to contribute if you’re interested.

I’m content with Liverpool at the moment, I am not dismayed at our record overall at the moment as I live in hope that we will improve and go from strength to strength as the season progresses with hopefully the ‘other’ side hitting slump in the fullness of time that sees their title chances goes the way of the skier – downhill. That’s what’s up with the man cd at this time! In the meantime – keep well!

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