Thursday, May 31, 2007

CD Solo Adventures

Well, as the month comes to a close I thought I’d slap on a little something to indicate the kinda stuff that keeps me away from the criminal activity that got me on Crimewatch. (OK I’ve never been on Crimewatch but many would argue that with the jokes I’ve been cracking over the years perhaps some time behind bars would be appropriate.)

Obviously there’s more to my life than bungling as a father of three and a wife of one (and thank God it’s just the one, heaven knows I could cope with no more and He obviously knew what He was doing with monogamy). My work at the YMCA is proving to be the kind of challenging environment that stretches me to give my best and depend on God for the rest. Being a CSD worker (Christian Spiritual Development don’t you know?) carries some baggage with it that I’m happy to unload with the aforementioned bad jokes – if anything reveals my humanity it be that. Looking to get people to thing about spiritual things is not straightforward but developing relationships with people and just being there to hear people out is a wonder privilege that the job provides. If I’m on the ball I pick up the necessary things that I can at least use these as prayer points at the right time. We are al in need of great healing and being around people who have come to a point where the brokenness is too explicit brings home this need for healing all the more.

Which brings me to this image of the right. Back in April I was really buzzing in taking photographs of things that struck me as interesting visual points for discussion. I came across this advert and was bemused by it. One of the things about these adverts is that they sell more than a product, but some subliminal messages of the way of life. What do you make of this one?

Just want to make a clear opening response to my mate Lloyd’s extended review of Spiderman 3 (it’s a long one so brace yourself …) I caught it the other day and was taken by the themes it looked to address. I thought it was worthwhile watching, maybe not living up to the hype but no one’s done that since the Messiah. It obviously crammed in too much in one film which is a pity, but it was cool seeing Spidey do his Superman 3 thing of going all bad then snapping out of it to have to pay for the wrongs he’s done. If you’re a Spidey geed obviously you’d have a bit to say about some liberties taken in the story, but I’m getting to be a bit more even-handed when it comes to these things. At the end of the day there’s more of a duty to balance being faithful to source material and being creative in bringing the character to the big screens. I was not offended by the liberties taken and I’m a big Spiderman fan (alright at 6 foot and 14 stones I’m more a Spidey with a fair presence rather than big). So I’d recommend watching it when it comes on DVD or whatever and just enjoy.

In the meantime remember there’s more to life than meets the eye as we’ll find out when the Transformers movie comes out.

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