Wednesday, May 30, 2007

John P. Kee/Vanessa Bell armstrong -We Walk By Faith

I'm glad I've got this YouTube link thing sorted with the blog making it easier to do entries. As you may remember from a year back I'm a bit of a YouTube freak taking any opportunity to develop my collection of the varied stuff that the good people look to share.

That means now I can share with y'all some of the stuff that I access on this web-site.

I've set up a number of playlists on me account varying from Stevie Wonder and Pop Music to Christian Material and Gospel Music. So it's with this hat on that I share this track which has a lot of meaning in my life. Before I even started taking the Bible seriously I was enjoying tracks like this not knowing that it was actually singing God's Word!

John P Kee has been a particular favourite of mine for ages regardless of the grief he gets in some quarters. Vanessa Bell Armstrong is one of the few female artists that I rate highly and she's on form in this video.

The main thing about this though is to enjoy it visually - after all it's a video. It's good stuff catching up with the 'rock this way' days. Brings back memories of the days before adult responsibilities when life was all about being in a choir and singing 'Ye Must'.

Deborah my two year-old joy has got that part of the song down to a pat, with the slight alteration of 'Ye Must' to 'Je-sus' but it's all good!

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