Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chaka Khan -- We Can Work It Out

On the pop playlist that I've got on me account I've got three tracks from this concert. The hombre who ut this on should put more from the concert because Chaka is really on top form. It's a tight band, sorted backing vocals and Ms Khan evidently enjoying herself.

Maybe tonight, maybe over some nights or whatever, I'l be putting on the other two from the concerts, because this is just ace.

I recognise the guitarist in white as someone who would go on to do some stuff with Paul McCartney so it's good to know he's got good taste!

Enjoy this one

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Lloydd said...

Back in 1996 I went to a party and there was a guy there called Jason who I didn't really like that much, but tolerated as part of my group of friends. He was very rude about the showing of Chaka Khan "I Feel For You" that we had both seen earlier in the evening on TOTP2. I was disgusted. I remember deciding never to talk to him again, and I pretty much didn't. I wonder if he knew why I stopped talking to him?