Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sign Of Things To Come? A Typical CD Note Taking Session

I guess this is something I should have been doing throughout the year to keep a record of the sort of things I come across as I do my daily stuff. I’ll look into doing that in 2009. In the meantime here’s an insight in a typical day’s notes that I’m taking … completely unedited so there.

For His Name’s Sake

· Naked Pastor does some good cartoons and this one is a good example.
· Piper’s done it again – what did they pray for in the NT? Ah here it is.
· Don’t know if I’m going to do a reading plan for 2009, but if I do I’ll take this on board.
· Not silent but holy – good way of putting it.
· So there was a conference dealing with an issue close to my sin, so their findings will be of interest.
· As Hughie prepares to start what could be the most important series of teachings our young church engages in based on the authority of scripture, the article on Evangelical Outpost sums up what I’d been looking at yesterday and the day before concerning Lisa Miller’s misguided riposte to the Christian approach to homosexuality and marriage.
· I’ve been advised by a good source to check this site, so I will.
· Another good cartoon about the birth of the Saviour.
· Faith and repentance. A phrase I’ve read and heard quite a lot recently and in my current mind-set is something very challenging. It’s not a one off thing but an ongoing behaviour – it’s what I keep on doing. I turn from what I think towards God and I believe what He says. I turn to God and believe Him on what He says I should do as a worker, husband, father, brother, teacher, student and follower of Christ. It’s something I do. It’s something we do. It’s something we call others to do. It’s something that can only be done by the power of the Spirit by the preaching of the gospel as that’s the only way to connect to God recognising where people are currently looking and where they need to be looking. That’s why the three lessons I’m scheduled to teach are so important. I don’t do it – the Spirit does it.
· Wow – this is a heavy approach to the whole homosexuality issue. Again, though it is spot on, biblically rich and spiritually balanced in sharing what His nature is all about. When I read it though I find that the advice given is applicable to any sin – not just homosexuality. Quality stuff.
· More by Carl Trueman on the above subject – all playing into our understanding of the importance of the authority of scriptures and a right way of reading it.
· Pip Wilson – youth work legend – has a blog. Apparently its worth my while checking it.
· This definition of agnosticism is crucial for our engagement with unbelievers – it’s not that they’re undecided – they have decided that it’s not worth making a decision on it.
· Yep I read The Shack. Yep I thought it was a good book. Yep it is a book I would recommend to others. Similarly I’d also recommend serious Christians to check this out as well to get a balanced approach on it.
· Making much out of God and not of ourselves has to be the spring from which we do life.
· In line with our year of Compassion in 2009 I’m thinking of the morning session looking at episodes where compassion is mentioned and the first one I thought we would look at was Luke 15. This blog entry appears to confirm especially that last parable which for some reason we’ve only entitled the Prodigal Son.
· One of the key reasons for doing this series of basics now is that people need to know why they believe what they believe before they can share it. Reading the news of the students at university only reinforces that and I know full well that’s not just a student thing at all.I have seen some things in my time. I’ve heard some things in my time. I have never ever come across a network that would put on someone whose position completely opposes the network. If there is anyone who would be against TBN it would be John MacArthur. So who does Kirk put on TBN? Watch this and get back to me! Wowsers! Now especially check the second clip and here the reference to Luke 4 (Jesus goes to his home town and tells them …) Now that opened my understanding to the section in a way I had never read it before! Jesus is telling His own people that He fulfils the scripture to help those in chains and blind – which is His own people which wouldn’t have gone down too well.

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