Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another CD Teaser

Trust me, things are bubbling on nicely behind the scenes. Here are some things to look forward to over the coming blog entries
  • Cilla Moments
  • Thank God For ...
  • CD Book Reviews
  • The Late, Late, Late World Cup Review
  • A Special Little Treat for fans of my brother
  • What Job?
  • ... and much more (as they say in other promo packages to cover whatever else comes on this blog)

Yeah, so there be lots to look forward to. There are some annoying little issues with my home computer that allows it to act as erratically as your dotty old auntie who had one cup of coffee too many, but I be sorting those problems out and hope to be able to get things rolling soon!

In the meantime, remember when you're having one of those days that just don't appear to be going your way - we need these days to appreciate life all the more!

4 His Name's Sake


da man cd

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