Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some Like It Hot .. Not Me Though

Apparently today's meant to be one of the hottest days in UK history. OK. I'm not the biggest fan of summer as it kinda forces you to at least open the windows and let the outside in, and then you have to consider spending time outside yourself and that's too much energy for an indoors kinda hombre that I am. Anyhow, I'm grateful for everyday I'm alive and so enacting the sacred aspect of the Dryden Family Motto I'll 'Get Over It'.

If you have the browsing time, I suggest you check out my friend's blog, on the links, his name is Charles Bury, but don't let that put you off. He's decided to go on a voyage of discovery to the Far East and he's had the mind to record his movements. Now not everything is palatable for everyone, and I don't necessarily subscribe to everything the brother carries on with, but be in no doubt, this hombre is the real deal when it comes to recording his thoughts, and I like it, so I recommend it.

I'm hoping to introduce a few new features onto this blog soon. Sure I keep on promising it, but I'm working on it folks, so just gimme some more time and then the fruits will emerge. One of them is an exciting series of commentaries for those interested in getting a fresh look at an old book, but I'll save that for later.

One of the things that sucks about summer is the lack of football, so I'm glad that I only have a month to wait until the Premiership kicks off again. I'll have a World Cup review posted here soon, but needless to say overall I was disappointed.

As for the family - Abigail is approaching 8 weeks and is taking her feed like the Dryden trooper that she is, guzzling it down and putting on the weight proper-stylie! Deborah is really gaining points with her ability to bring joy to my life - she's a phone maniac just waiting for the chance to say her piece even if it is still unintelligible ramblings. Kevaughn got his school report ... and he's still alright, so that says something. And the wife, now no longer burdened with a big ol' belly is going DIY crazy - as Stevie sung it, Heaven Help Us All.

Right, that be your lot for the time being, enjoy the weather if you're in England, and even if you're not, enjoy the day or the night.

4 His Name's Sake

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