Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cilla Moments - The Pictorial

It sux sometimes to have the patience to work out how to get a picture inserted into the text that I'm writing, and after the Cilla Moment business I got all nostalgic for those great programmes of the past. I tried to put them ever so neatly alongside the text as is my custom. Sadly the darn thing wasn't working for some reason, and eager to publish the fruit of my literary labours I published the thing anyway. Now I've been able somehow to work out how to insert pictures so now you can get where I was coming from before with the memories of all those programmes that raised me up as a child.

Over the coming days/weeks/months/years/decades I'd like to revisit some of them ... and of course there are some that I'd rather forget, but there you have it.

Just to help you out - the one with the guy, the girl and the hawk is of course MANIMAL - quality tacky American cop-show with a twist. I gotta go into that with you at some other time. Of course we have Street Hawk, Transformers (more than meets the eyes apparently), Captain Bucky O'Haire, Pigeon Street and of course He-Man, without whom I would never have a living reciting the opening words of Adam, Prince of Eternia at university radio stations. So indeed I have much to be grateful for.

Yet the past is only the foundation to build the future in the present and so I endeavour to do so with great memories to allow my daughters to grow up in a world where cartoons and programmes don't have to be explicit or spooky to be real, but can be cheesy and crazy and full of laughs that later in life will be more ironic than playful.

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