Thursday, June 07, 2007

Andrae Crouch - Perfect Peace

Remind me to tell you about my family upbringing when it came to Andrae Crouch. It really is a fascinating story. Needless to say, this isn't actually Andrae Crouch. They are not even his official back-up singers. Despite all this they do a brilliant job covering this 70's gospel classic.

One of the reasons why I slap this up today is because of the abundant assurance I get every time I hear and watch it. My life at times can be very busy with stuff and it's easy to get caught up in decisions and issues and forget the important things in life - like the eternal values of knowing God. So it's great to be reminded of the Word of God in such a groovy, funky way. Not only is my spirit calmed and refocussed on the God who actually cares about my issues and is available to keep me whole during it, but I can also bob me head to the track as well.

And this is a really cool rendition of the track. Really cool - give it a chance!

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