Monday, June 18, 2007

Favorite Bible Stories Part Two

OK starting off by apologising for the Chaka vid not working. That's cos the good people at YouTube have taken off the guy who put it on originally. Hopefully they won't do the same with this hombre especially as it's original material. This crew really know what they're up to and I love this one in particular, especially the way the guy talks about Gideon being the original Chuck Norris - yeah, ace. People should be making those links with stuff they read in the bible, especially as it makes it what it is - a real life action drama book.



Lloydd said...

How come Jesus was a baby at Christmas, but when he dies at Easter he is a fully grown man? Talk about growth spurt! I never could understand that.

Ur Man CD said...

Hey Lloyd I was sharing this with my friends and we thought it was funny as well.

Then we thought about that ... and ... well ... errr ... we don't have an answer. In fact we don't even think Jesus was born when we celebrate Christmas. He may have been born around September time, which obviously makes it less of a growth spurt.