Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blame It On The Sun - Jose Feliciano

I set myself the unenviable task of seeing if I can get the text written to these YouTube blog entries while the track itself is playing, so here goes another challenge.

It was thanks to YouTube that I came across this dude Jose Feliciano who undoubtedly has immense talent in singing and playing. The fact that like Stevie he's blind makes it all the more remarkable.

This particular track holds some bittersweet memories for me and it's just to say that whatever you say about relationships the first place to start in any breakdown is the self. I remember sitting in on a conversation where one party was listing the many faults of their friend which brought an end to the friendship. As I sat listening it made me sad to see someone going to great lengths to appear to be the hurt party when the reality was apparent that their lack of taking responsibility for their actions could have been just as crucial to the breakdown.

I don't want to blame others for things first before clearing myself of akk areas where I'm at fault. As my heart will usually blame it on me anyhow.

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Lloydd said...

The only song I know by him is his cover version of The Doors "Light My Fire". When I used to listen to BBC Radio LDN it seemed to be on endless roatation. It's good.