Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Books and Darts

Read a really interesting article by Tim Challies on reading. Reminded me of some things I can take into consideration when looking at the books issue. I want to take this advice on board and find a time to get more books!

Oh and as well as that you may remember my little celebration of reaching the awesome 180 blog entries with a tribute to Bullseye and Tony Green. Well I was in our local pub recently and usually I just go in, have a few J20’s, a packet of nuts and good chat with some friends. Recently I noticed that they not only have a dartboard but TWO dartboards AND one of which has an electronic scoreboard next to it! My mate knows the owner – top lass she is as well – and she plays darts and may teach me to play, although seeing her play I’m not sure if Stevie Wonder maybe a better teacher. More importantly on Wednesday nights they have competitions and they’re apparently the best pub in their league. What a great way to build relationships, get in the culture of the community and learn one of the games that has taught me more about theology than a lot of Bible studies I’ve had in my time. Bear that in mind when you pray for da man cd to be successful in these exploits!

For His Name’s Sake
da man cd

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Lloydd said...

Go easy on those J20's.