Sunday, September 30, 2007

October - A Month In Preview

A notable step for October is the start of themed months for the work I do at the YMCA. I’m actually hoping the theme itself will be of benefit to life beyond the YMCA but it’s a good base to start. The theme for October is Freedom and Slavery. It’s fitting for a number of reasons including the fact that as October is Black History Month the time can be used to find out a bit more about that particular experience with slavery and Britain’s role in that of course highlighting the abolition deal the bicentennial of which was celebrated earlier this year. The deal of the theme, however, is to see the issue on a wider scale.

For years now I’ve known only too well that freedom and slavery are not just physical, economic, ethnic and social concepts but psychological, spiritual, relational and emotional realities that are expressed only too clearly in every day life. I’m hoping through the month to explore some of the issues surrounding the topic and give some biblical insight on the issue at hand particularly celebrating the freedom available in Christ.

Part of this deal is the return of the Daily Thoughts that was buzzing around in August. I hope to be able to post at least those daily thoughts as entries here through the month. As with September 2006 I’m hoping to post enough entries to cover every day of the month in a bid to step up the discipline of writing which I seek to enjoy and develop.

In the meantime thank you for the continued support to this blog. Reading it, praying for me, all of that kind of jazz really is a big deal for me and for al the busyness and activity I want you to know it is hugely appreciated.

As you remember me in the upcoming month pray with me that whatever activity will actually bring forth productivity that welcomes in all the things of Christ that can make the difference in people’s lives. And as ever it’s all …

For His Name’s Sake
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