Tuesday, September 04, 2007

That Human Race Issue

So I subscribe to the bi-monthly 9Marks Newsletter and find it a stimulating read. I’d be interested to see if there’s an equivalent from the UK perspective as with due respect to the current magazines available it’s fair to say there’s not anything similar to church life from the British perspective.

It would be particularly interesting to see such an outlet addressing the issue that this bi-month’s edition of the newsletter looks at – race. Whenever I consider the issue I’m always thinking of things like our culture versus Kingdom culture – as expressed through the values that are laid out in scripture to do with what Christian ‘new man’ living is all about.

I’m not convinced that church from my perspective has begun to grapple with that especially in the light of contending with the type of multi-cultural society Britain is in a lot of areas. One of the dreams of my life is to be part of a truly multi-cultural church – reflecting the community not just with token gestures or quota filling occupants but a genuine community of believers from different backgrounds – social, ethnic, generational, economic and cultural. Getting there is part of the challenge of the gospel and I’m not necessarily going as far as to say it is a fundamental aspect of biblical mandate for the church. Yet I do believe it’s important, especially viewed in the light of Peter’s realisation on the roof-top and the make-up of the radical Antioch church as well as Paul’s comments and the underlying commitment to agape love which transcends cultural and ethnic barriers.

I’d love to know what the response would be to the questions asked in the Pastors’ forum from a British perspective

Is there a race problem in the British church? Are whites missing it? Why? What implications does this have for the church’s proclamation of the gospel?

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