Friday, August 31, 2007

It's All About The Gospel

Read a fascinating article on Is The Gospel Enough? Now as I’ve mentioned in time past, I am not a classic Reformation theologian although admittedly my influences as a growing bible teacher has tended to come from this end of the Christian spectrum. I’m on a journey individually and endeavouring to take us as a fellowship corporately and a family collectively into really understanding what the gospel is and how we communicate that in day to day life.

Of course it’s more than just words we say – it is about behaviour and lifestyle, yet definitively it is a message that we convey from heart to heart to allow people to at least understand something beyond us that can change us. It is testimonial and yet refers to something far beyond our personal experience. What I like about this article is the way the writer expresses the difference between academia and community engagement and the basics of what it’s all about and the lifelong process of working it all out, leading others in the same process whether they’re hardened spiritual veterans or have no idea about Jesus Christ at all.

It’s particularly apt for me cos I know my journey as a believer has been really rocky in aligning the belief and behaviour together, let alone conveying that to others. I commend those whose journey of faith made it rather easy for them to believe in Jesus, live it out in their daily life and communicate that to others without a hitch. For me, that was not the case and it’s taken years and years to get to the stage of being excited of sharing life in Christ with others and endeavouring to be painfully transparent in living it.

That’s not to say I’m there yet, but I can see where I am now is further than where I was years ago. I particularly remember the university years and I wonder sometimes what message I left with my good friends Lloyd and Charles about what Christianity is. What is done, is done and I just want to be a believer who’s real – not up in the clouds, or hidden in the crowd.

What does concern me in this day and age, however, is the diversity of messages being sent as to what the gospel is. Only because these messages are mixed with the various lifestyles that reflect that message. Not to say that there’s something wrong with diversity but it becomes a concern when the core message – and there is a core message – gets heavily compromised or goes missing. Hence the need to be sure of the message and share it without compromise.
Here’s an interesting site to check with that in mind. Please note these links that I give from article to article don’t necessarily reflect EVERYTHING that I believe, but makes for thought-provoking opportunities which for me is good enough.

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