Sunday, August 05, 2007

Change in Lifestyle

The other day – by which I mean not today, the other one – I was conversing with me London mentor all too briefly via Messenger. He obviously had other pressing commitments … like watching films in the Bourne movie series online. Being the generous and gracious dude that I am I didn’t hold it against him at all. (The assassin sent to his house the following day was a mere coincidence. That he failed in his given task has been dealt with appropriately … err … I mean … I’m glad the mentor’s made it.)

Anyway it was clear that the internet was becoming more of a primary source of entertainment meaning no need for the telly. Well I was almost there meself, as you’ll see there are only a few programmes that I bother watching on the television. So the opportunity to watch more than a few clips on the ever so useful Dailymotion and YouTube was something that was intriguing to me.

So today, finally, I got the chance to check this site out. Well, well, well if it wasn’t indeed what it said on the tin.

I’m glad to say I’ve started and may continue to use this site to further move me away from the television as a form of entertainment and reinforcing the use of the laptop. This now means that I’m in the really cool position of watching the movie ‘The US vs. John Lennon’ whilst typing out the notes to the blog, knowing that at the same time I can find the pictures for the entry, post the entry and do all that whilst still watching the movie! Neat, eh? I reckon it’s neat and an interesting way of life.

I don’t want to give the impression that this further separates me from time with the family as the more these things come about, the more I’m determined not to focus on depending on modern technology for the core issues of life. So I love spending time messing about with the children, chatting with my son, reading, walking, etc. Indeed given time later on this month I’m looking forward to perhaps a weekend, maybe a few more days out in the country just chilling.

With all that though, still gotta acknowledge the latest development in how I do life. I mean already when it comes to bible study preparation it’s not unusual for me to be typing up notes for a study presentation on Hebrews whilst simultaneously listening to a sermon on the same issue and getting pictures online to support the presentation – and that’s such a cool way of working, especially how I do the work that I do.

By the way, the movie is rather intriguing in how they depict John Lennon in the context of the American political issues of the day and ensure that the focus is on Lennon the man, with little real highlighting on Lennon the Beatle. Good stuff and makes for fascinating viewing as a documentary.

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