Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jesus is Love - The Commodores

Oh my days.

I grew up in the kind of home where I heard these tracks playing and would fall in love them and not have a clue who actually recorded them.

Even when I became a bit of a music buff and got into Lionel Richie's track like 'Hello' and 'All Night Long' it never clicked that the same brother sang this song.

I tell you the truth before I had any inkling of spiritual affinity with God Almighty this song meant heaps to me and I'd love to listen to it.

At one point I had it on CD fairly recently, but I've lost it or leant it.

Anyway to discover that some blessed soul actually slapped it up on YouTube almost made me weep.

Not sure if Lionel would now confess that Jesus is Love and the only way of salvation, but I'm still grateful for this contribution to my spiritual development.

Oh yeah, and thanks to the rest of the Commodores as well. You may not have come out with awesome computers, but you did a great job on this track. Waddaya mean they didn't do computers - back in the 80's it was these guys wasn't it?

Next you're gonna tell me the Beatles are not the people behind the Apple Mac computers! Hey hold on a minute ...

For His Name's Sake
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