Friday, July 03, 2009

So Where Was I?

Here’s an indication of how things have been in 2009.

The first quarter has been crazy. I don’t type straight onto a blog. I tend to do a Word document with the … words … that I’ll put in the blog. So I’ve kept the files of most of the entries I’ve done this year that don’t involve YouTube clips.

First Quarter records – The January folder has 7 files, the February folder has a whopping 19, yes 19 files and March has a creditable 12 files. That’s a good quarter. That’s a healthy set of stuff written for the purpose of the blog in which I can take a great deal of pleasure in being so productive. I like that.

Now compare that to the Second Quarter records – April’s folder with three entries, May’s folder with a paltry 2 files and … I don’t even have a June folder! Thirty-eight files in the first quarter against five in the second quarter. In business they would call that … bad.

It certainly doesn’t reflect my desire to be more prolific in my writing this year, but I can honestly say I had no idea that the personal traumas and upheavals in that second quarter of the year would be so disruptive to my blogging. Funnily enough although it’s been detrimental to my blogging, it’s had the opposite effect to my Twittering and I’ve been merrily tweeting about this that and the other. But there’s tweeting and there’s blogging and there’s a world of difference between the two. Both have their place, both have their uses and I’m glad to have them both. I love Twitter – it’s ace. But my first love and the foundation of all my serious writing is blogging and not just video posting, but blogging like I do here on the home of homes when it comes to blogging.

So it has been necessary that I spend so much time away from blogging here. I’ve missed it greatly, but it was necessary as I hope to be able to share in future posts. That may have been the case in the second quarter of the year, but with the on-set of this third quarter things will hopefully pick up a bit more and you’ll have the benefit of some more blog posts on here as well as a resumption of services on LJN. I’ll have to do both LJN stuff on the Blogger account and Wordpress account while my technical team (i.e. my brother) gets on the job of setting up a proper rss feed so that I can help another brother out with getting info from there.

Lots of notes have still be made in the second quarter and there’s tons of thoughts that I hope to be able to share with you right here as well keeping productive on the sister and brother blogs LJN, AF and StokeCog one. Words are so important for so many purposes and I have a love of them, so it only makes sense that I make the most of that love in sharing that with you as it comes to me, even just as a record and posterity for others to pick up on.

I am back. Don’t know if it will be a first quarter level of consistency or second quarter level of being sparse – I pray it will exceed even the first, but will just look to take things one blog and day at a time. Keep praying for dmcd that I’ll just be the best dmcd that the Father created me to be and that’s more than blogging that’s about a character reflecting the Master.

For His Name's Sake



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