Saturday, July 04, 2009


Unhindered Praise, Unhindered Worship.

There’s something about having that Audience of One mentality that can lead to a worship and praise lifestyle free from being inhibited by the thoughts of others and the issues going on within you. It is something particularly experienced in those intimate times on your own with God where the full range of emotions can come out and you can be as honest as you can with God. That is based on reminding ourselves of the character, covenant and consistency of God, reflecting on His awesomeness.

It is so clear, that true worship by people is often heavily hindered as well as genuine personal expressions of worship are sidelined for a more acceptable form to conform to on what it is thus reinforcing that sense of being hindered in true worship whether that be declarative or contemplative, emotive or reflective. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be expressed through words shouted but through quiet sombre murmurs to oneself. In any case the desired outcome should be the same and that is to experience that intimacy with the Creator and Saviour of all mankind in whom we now have a hope we could never have imagined.

I love those opportunities as they arise and when I see my brothers and sisters so obviously trapped behind a façade of formality, my heart’s desire is for them to join in with that liberty that comes with the Spirit of the Lord. This can often be experienced as we practice the Presence in private and inevitably that which is done in private will bear fruit in public. The refreshing thing about that liberty is that is not for show or public display primarily it remains that unhindered worship and unhindered praise to that Audience of One who is worthy of it.

For His Name's Sake



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