Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Updates on DMCD

This is a change to your scheduled blog. The series on fasting is set to continue soon. I felt it would be good, though, to keep you updated. Now I know I’ve done that a bit recently, but it’s a personal blog ain’t it, so it’s good from time to time to get an update.

I am enjoying writing again more regularly, I do know that it takes discipline to church out stuff, and sometimes it doesn’t always taste as fresh as other things I’ve written, but that’s to be expected. I’ve never seen life as being on a permanent high and I guess when it comes to writing I cannot be expected to produce Pulitzer Prize winners. This just beats the lack of activity that dominated the previous quarter.

I’ve been messing with Movie Maker recently and may have something of worth to show for it in the coming weeks. Lately I’ve just been bombarded with loads of ideas and thoughts. I’ve been as diligent as I can in noting them and in the process of making some sense of it all to be able to be more fruitful and productive.

Church life is a bit less active at present and may continue to be that while for the time being. There will be an update on that as time progresses. Four fifths of the Dryden Family are in UK – this is a rare occurrence and worth noting! Mum is staying with David and Nicola whilst Ruth has also popped over with her only begotten son, Mattaniah – that’s exciting and challenging. The last time I saw my sister wasn’t the best of times for us and so I’m looking forward to one big ol’ family get together.

Whilst there be family things to look forward to, the recent season in terms of house sorting has been stressful and heavily time consuming sapping energy and will at times. Indeed part of the reason for this entry is to keep the Fast Series fresh and not suffer through feeling of tiredness. I hope that’s reflected in the next entry which I’ve gone to great extents to ensure works well.

Recently I was thinking about being in a fertile place to produce and excited about what that continues to look like even as clarity comes in for life. It just reiterates what the recent statement of intent is for the season.

Life with the wife is fairly good at present overall – that’s a good thing for which I give God thanks. It feels as if we’re stronger than we’ve ever been as husband and wife, but that too is scheduled to be tested to the max with the impending changes on the horizon, thus there’s an understanding for her eagerness to get the house sorted asap. Deborah is doing great at present waiting for her holidays. She’s had life on her own of late as her sister, Abigail, has been living with my mum, her uncle and aunt and her brand new cousin Joshua.

A lot going on as ever – one particular highlight is reconnecting with a teacher from my Junior school days and seeing what it’s like to relate to her all these years later following her significant influence on my life. I am so looking forward to sharing more on that in the near future. That goes to show again how relationships remain the key to good living.

Today I watched Ice Age 3 – apparently it’s not as good as 1 or 2 but having not watched them I can’t make the comparison. Funnily enough recently I also watched Transformers 2 having not watched the first one yet and the review was apparently it is better than the first one but again having not watched it I cannot make the comparison. Makes it all rather interesting should I ever get round to watching the prequels what my reaction will be.

Hopefully I’ll be posting reviews of these films on AF in the not too distant future subject of course to time allowances. You can also look a review of the recent viewing of West Side Story at the Regent Theatre which I was able to watch. Look out for the reviews on the NSYMCA Faith page under the new Gospel Connections section which is scheduled to be up in the next week or so.

As you can see from just this foretaste, I’m being kept busy and there are more significant changes in the pipeline personally, vocationally and for the family. I am just in the process of getting some important priorities clearly established and focussing on those so as not to be a sucker for distractions. I sent this text to some friends lately: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Jesus knew that many would come to Him claiming to have done good stuff in His name but his response was to call them workers of iniquity. So focussing on Christ and living in response to what He says is crucial. Enjoy your life in Christ today. It was as much a message to myself on focus as it was to those who I sent it to. It summarises the theme of what I’m all about at present. Keep dmcd in your prayers, please!

For His Name's Sake



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