Saturday, July 25, 2009

Updates and Churches vs. Denomination

Now I could just go back to the series on fasting and give another part of the amazing journey of learning about God all the more. I am excited to do so and have lots to write. In as much as I want to do that, and this is not the launch of another side-track series of posts on something else, I did want to create a gap in going from one series to another to establish another personal update.

First and by no means foremost I’ve already fallen off the wagon. Yeah, that’s right after spending a few months back in the library swing of things taking the books back on time having read them and everything recently I slipped back into the pattern of gaining loads of books, reading some of them but just not being diligent in remembering when they are due. As a result a number of books are overdue and I owe some money to Stoke-on-Trent libraries. I’m not proud of that, especially seeing as though I could have renewed the books by phone as well as online. I will learn from that and get better. Hopefully.

My mother is currently with us. It is still weird having a parent living in my home. It’s just odd having her ask me if she can use stuff and do stuff. I’m like … errr … this isn’t right … shouldn’t I be the one asking you? Still, it’s good to have her around. She is a great help with the children as Authrine and I need to get to work during the week. So I’m grateful to God for her life.

July has been a better month blogging-wise here than it has been of late. I’m particularly pleased to note that all the entries posted this month have been pure writing entries without the aid of YouTube clips and I hope to continue this for the rest of the month. From there into August, should God spare my life I won’t be too fussed. It’s just good to church out this material and be able to post it for your perusal as well as for posterity. The LJN’s have also picked up business a bit more over this month which is positive and I’d like to keep that going in August likewise.

Since 2000 if not since before I’ve been asking questions about church and how it should operate according to scripture. I have not come to a firm hard place where that exploration is concerned but there are some things I’m beginning to see. Firstly I’m not sure what benefit there is to denomination. Not ruling it out completely, but it’s something doing local church stuff it just appears as though there are more administrative man-made problems to do with the concept than the alternatives. Not to say I’d leave the denomination I’m in but it does remind that my faith in Christ and His church is not necessarily the same as wholeheartedly following the whole denomination game.

Secondly I’m very interested in growing as church – especially as a group of individuals committing to live life together and support each other’s spiritual development as they get to share their faith with others. Some things that should not be taken for granted are and it’s as though relationship with God and the brethren is not approached seriously. Then, however, there are glimpses of grace that reassures me that it’s worth persisting in and keep the faith in the Christ who gives His life for His bride.

These thoughts are set to play a significant part in some future developments, but just watch this space for more details as and when they arrive. I’m keen to focus on God and what He wants of me in this particular season and I believe He will guide me in every aspect of life in a manner that fulfils His call for me. I’m nervous about it and excited. Keep praying.

For His Name's Sake



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