Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Be Careful What You Blog For

You remember me talking about needing nothing but a relationship with Jesus even at the detriment of my creature comforts like dear relationships and connection to me laptop. Well would you believe that today me personal laptop is currently undergoing some technical difficulties which means it is not available to me at this moment. Inconvenient? Yes. Pain in the neck? Definitely. Refreshing, liberating and challenging in a stimulating way? Absolutely.

Life goes on and you get on with it somehow. At present the wife is allowing me to use her machine, which is very generous of her, even if like her it’s a cute little thing with keys far too small for my fingers!!

So I be just blogging in gratitude to the fact that sometimes God gives an insight into foresight that we appreciate in hindsight and it remains all good

For His Name's Sake



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Lizzy said...

a lot of sights in there chris xxx