Thursday, October 01, 2009

Why Break Free?

Every October for the last three years I’ve been looking at the theme of freedom especially for the workplace. This year is particularly poignant though.

I don’t think the blog entries have done justice to the turmoil, triumph and trauma that I’ve undergone in the last year or so, but this season is very important. I saw a vision where I was emerging from a dark place into the light of the sun shining on a glorious inviting landscape that drew me along a path. The vision was about emerging from the shadows and experiencing nature and life in all of its simplicity as it really is in the light of the Son. Sometimes the time in those shadows is character forming, like that moth in the chrysalis taking shape from its first form to its developed state. That cocoon time can be very important and of course timing is critical because leaving early could mean there’s not enough to withhold the new life and susceptible to the elements it falls easily and dies. Leaving too late means possible suffocation and an inability to cope likewise when it is released. Yet there’s no doubt that a release needs to take place. There is a place in nature, in the scheme of things in which I belong and this season appears particularly crucial in that whole development process.

So this month’s focus on freedom is as much a personal project as it is a theme to coincide with the month’s activities on Black History Month. I have not really been a huge proponent of expressing pride in achievements, however much it may help people’s sense of racial identity. I do acknowledge what a pivotal time it is for people to assess who they are and where they come from in a time where it is easy to have those factors overwhelmed by dominant cultural forces.

That’s why for me the concept of freedom is so important. As the series will outline over at the LJN devotional, it’s not just about freedom from stuff, it’s about freedom to stuff and sometimes what we are free to do some really odd things … So I’m really excited as ever about the what God has in store for the month and I hope to share episodes of how that freedom is impacting my thoughts, words and actions as well as witnessing its impact in the lives of others.

For His Name's Sake



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