Friday, October 09, 2009

Peace and Love

Coming across songs that don’t have that great a public exposure but have a solid lyrical message with a brilliant musical hook is a great joy to me. Now this is all about connections.

You’re aware that I’m a Jon Gibson fan. Yeah, you know that. I love the man’s music big time and I obviously don’t blog about him enough. On an album he did not too long ago he worked with a brother called Tommy Sims to do a song I’ve treasured ever since I’ve heard it called There For You. If you remind me I’ll blog it and share the goodness.

Even more scandalously is the lack of Marvin Winans that has been evident on this blog. Now here is a brother who’s talent for singing and writing quality songs has helped me a great deal in life. All I have to refer you to him is a brilliant spoof of the guy by a Christian comedian called Broderick Rice.

Well as love would have it, Tommy did an album displaying his undoubted music talent and who should be his guest vocalist on the main track? So just thought I’d take the time to allow you to enjoy it for all it’s worth and I really will have to do something about the lack of quality music on this blog. By that I’m talking quantity, not disrespecting the stuff that’s already here!

Enjoy this beauty about two of my favourite words outside ‘baked’ and ‘beans’.

For His Name's Sake



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