Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Only Pressure In Teaching Is From You

There’s quite a lot to consider in teaching those from the post-compulsory age (i.e. post 16). No wonder some go crackers when you consider the level of paperwork involved. In fact there is so much involved I wouldn’t be surprised if teachers are responsible for most of the trees decimated. It is understandable to some extent to work through some of the paperwork, but it does really come across as too much. I often consider if there’s any real time for creative work in putting lessons together.

Then you consider the different learning styles of the learners in the class, you consider their individual learning profiles, characters and personalities. You know that for the lesson to work it has to be shaped around those who are learning and sometimes that may require stretching beyond the realms of that with which I’m comfortable. It is not easy being a teacher.

Yet what I learnt more than anything today was the only pressure from teaching came from the teacher. It’s a bit like Jesus’ directions about discipleship. It’s about sitting down and counting the cost. Once that cost has been calculated and you begin to go down the street of the teaching deal then the only applicable pressure applied is from the teacher. The paperwork is not the core of the teaching, the academic progress is not the key at least at first. Where the real deal starts is the initial assessment but more than that it is about recognising what our limitations are and allowing others to work and get their own learning.

In a very real way, the only pressure comes from within. That is why it is so important people passing by are aware of what’s going on within. Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us and that which we think is pressure is not pressure at all. Sometimes we need to know what’s going on behind the scenes so that all fears can be allayed and actually the teacher can go on with the teaching. It is not easy, biut it is possible where the focus is clear and straight. Knowing that this is where the real deal is can help in determining where to invest in the resources.

Pressure can be a good thing if it produces fruit, but this in itself is an internal matter where it is determined what are we doing for Jesus reasons and when they are selfish whims. There’s no excuse in the light of the factor that thte pressure comes from within. Now for the process of getting wholeness whilst looking to share with others that which has been learnt.

For His Name's Sake



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