Friday, December 30, 2005

A Word From My Brother

Hi people,

Well it ain't Chris today. I'm his brother, David. I'm here visiting my bro over the holidays. Don't get no ideas. I don't celebrate xmas. To be totally blunt, I hate the celebration. Added to that is the fact that I'm not christian. I'm just an "old testament" guy. I call them the Hebrew scriptures. I'm closer to Judaism in my beliefs although I'm not a Jew myself. But I'm visiting my bro because I've got time off work and I want him and his family to meet my wife who has recently moved to this country. Yes, the light of my life, my wife, my joy, meeting my best friend and brother and his funky/cool family. It's been great so far. There have been a few negative moments, but on a whole I believe my wife is happy and is getting along with my brother's family. By the way, my wife's name is Nikki. She is the most beautiful woman, being a source of brightness in my dark world. I thank YHWH Almighty for that girl [YHWH is the name of the Almighty Creator which I pronounce as Yahweh
]. It is not an easy road, as her sister would sing to me. It is not always easy moving my life around to making it into "OUR" life, but it's worth it. It has to be.

OK, I also have my own website. I have to do some more work on it, write some more articles. It is about the scriptures and science and evolution. I personally have found it to be a story based on a religious foundation. I know people call it science, but everyone has their own opinion. It is up to us to find out which is the right one. What religious foundation is evolution built upon? A philosophy, a untestable, unscientific foundation of absolute naturalism, the notion that nature is all there is, or all that can be used to tell us about the universe and its origin. I'm not going to get into it here, but you can check out my stuff if you like. My website is called "Torah Creation" at It is devoted to the worldview of Torah and the plain understanding of it.

Anyway, what can I leave you guys with? Mmmm... I don't want this all to be information about me. I want to leave you with something that can help you. But what? Mmmm...

Being married, I realise that the most important person has to be my wife, in the context of a biblical faith (i.e. The Creator will always be of ultimate importance). No other human. Now there may be distractions and other people that try to claim they have some power over you, but as scripture says, man and wife becomes one flesh, thus a man should love his wife as his own flesh, treating her well. As self-preservation is one of our greatest instincts, so should the protection and welfare of our spouse be one of our greatest instincts. In th
e context of righteousness, put your spouse in the most important human place, learn to give and love to the fullest, know your duties and responsibilities and fulfil them, and then
you will find happiness. It is guaranteed, and I don't doubt it whatsoever. I may be young, but I'm not fool in this department.

Anyway, all the best and enjoy my brother's blog. May the knowledge of YHWH, the Creator of the Universe, cover the earth as water fills the sea.

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