Friday, December 16, 2005

Ambassadors for Christ

So I have a wonderful program called e-Sword which among other things has three daily devotionals. This is always good to start my day when I get on the computer to do whatever, it gets my mind focussed on the Word and also gives me a chance to connect with my whole purpose. I’m not a person to religiously read devotionals, but I endeavour to stay in the Word as often as possible.

Today I read the following and I think it says enough in itself. I’ve modified for easier reading because it was in ye olde English, but I hope you catch the drift. I’ll have more stuff to say later.


"Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you."-- Joh_15:16.

"All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations, And, lo, I am with you all the days, even unto the end of the age."-- Mat_28:18-20 (R.V.).

IT IS a wonderful thing to hear these words from the lips of our Lord, when we remember what the Devil said to Him at the beginning of His ministry (Luk_4:6). Evidently the sceptre had been wrested from the hand of the prince of this world. Our Lord is supreme in heaven, and equally so on earth. He has authority over winds and waves; over the natural world with its laws and elements; over gold mines and harvest fields; over the minds and souls of all men who have been purchased by His precious blood. It would greatly facilitate our obedience to His Command if we realized that the whole world is His by creation and redemption, and that wherever we go throughout its vast territory we are within His domains.

Notice the care with which Christ insists that those who were disciples should be taught to observe all His commands (Mat_28:20). He chose the Apostles that they might receive His commands, not for their own obedience alone, but that they might impress them upon others. Obedience is the law of spiritual growth and blessedness. Let us resolve, first to observe whatsoever the Master has appointed; the second, to teach others to do the same. Whenever the task seems too great for our strength, let us remember the precious promise that He is with us always, as the margin puts it--"all the days," Never a day can come with its demands, its call for dutiful obedience, but He will be at hand to bear our burden, to help us by the right hand of His strength, to inspire us by the light of His face.

Christian life, after all, comes to this--how much will you obey Christ? If you refuse, you shut yourself out of His best, for He can do nothing for you or with you. But if you surrender yourself to obey, there is no limit to the usefulness and blessedness that must ensue (Gen_18:18-19). To live like this, we must abide in Him, and allow His words, by meditation and prayer, to abide in us. Then obedience ceases to be an effort, but it is the fruit of an exuberant life.

Help us to abide in our calling with You, to detect Your presence in every place. May we realise that every place may be a temple, every duty a service, and that we are part of Your great host, who do Your bidding, listening to the voice of Your word. AMEN.

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