Thursday, December 15, 2005

More About Me & Worship Yesterday and Today

"If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."-- 1Jo_1:8-9.

This particular scripture means a whole heap to me after the year I’ve endured. It’s not always easy to accept this, especially when you feel you’ve messed up worst than anything, but it’s the truth and gives me the courage to get on with life. Not only that, it allows me to stop before giving someone else a hard time for whatever messes they’ve caused. It’s a word I seriously need in life.

So it’s the second entry and I’m still at this writing caper. Oh what a life.

Thinking about this blog business and the whole business of writing and expressing and such like, I believe it’s important for people to get an idea of the context of the writing. So I shall endeavour to give you some idea of the person who’s writing, where I come from, etc. etc.

As you may have noted the wife has seen this blog so if I had any ideas of world domination without her knowing – that’s out of the way now. (Drats and double drats as on D. Dastardly once put it.)

The wife and I have just finished watching Liverpool play in the World Club Championship in Japan. It’s the semi-final and the Reds won comfortably – 3-0, establishing a new clean sheet record of I believe 10 games. I’m a Liverpool supporter and have been for years now, so it was most delightful to see the Mighty Reds cruise into the final with such a smooth and truly professional performance. I love football and indeed at one point I used to worship the game with posters on the wall and accumulating magazines and football comics by the heap. Then I had an encounter with Jesus Christ that changed my life priorities completely, so thankfully I have a better perspective on life. That of course doesn’t mean I stop with the football but I don’t worship it, which is more than can be said for the fanatics. Brief research found that the trip to watch Liverpool play at the International Stadium would have cost something in the region of £1500 that includes ticket price, hotel, travel, etc.

Now I love football but do you think I’m going to spend £1500 just to watch a couple of football matches? Yet there you go for being a true fan – all you love is the team, all you worship is the team, you’ll put yourself in debt just to support the cause. What’s it all worth though? Is it worth getting that much into debt and your family suffering for that? Sometimes reading the cost for watching football matches and the other things that come with being a fan I wonder if it really is worth it? It’s questions like that which got me interested in philosophy and also got me really involved in those big dark looming questions like WHY ARE WE HERE? And WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? And the real chestnut WHY HAS NO ONE BANNED CHEESE? At the end of the day though some questions just cannot be answered – like that last one. Yet when I see people invest so much money in those things football, music, clothes, clubbing and that – remember it’s not just the money you invest, the time, the commitment, the mental energy, the physical input. When I see all that, it’s evident that people were created to worship. It just seems inevitable to me. As Mastercard put it

Flight to Japan - £500
Accommodation - £250
Match Tickets - £50
Half-time Grub - £15
Liverpool winning comfortably and watching it with friends – PRICELESS
(NOTE: Divorce, loan repayments, separation from children, increased stress, sad life may also be included in the price.)

That should do it for now. If there are any other insights I receive, I’ll let you know.

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