Saturday, June 17, 2006

Family Fortunes

At the moment there are not that many pictures of my first daughter and me, so I felt I'd indulge in sharing with one of the more recent ones. Sometimes taking photos can get right up my nose, but I think this picture was taking it too far! Do not be afraid of the large looming ugly mug that stares like a gorm, it's just the way Deborah was feeling at the time! (Thanks Bob Monkhouse for that gag - a little twist on the Joker line in the Batman movie where he says to Vicki Vale that at last Beauty and the Beast are together but if anyone else calls her a beast he'll kill them! One of the funniest lines in movie history! How's that for hyperbole.)

Of course you've patiently been waiting for more pictures of the star of the Dryden Show at the moment, Li'l Miss Abigail and so here's your reward. I love babies at this stage of development - eat then sleep, then wake to eat then sleep. Only slight grievance is the timing, but I'm sure I can help her out with that! (I'd better put the mallet away though.)

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